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Tuesday Supper Club: Singing for Their Supper

by Karl Sorne | Photography by Dave Barfield My face is cracked from smiling after a few hours of getting to know the members of Tuesday Supper Club. As the five strong band, sporting Jen Clark, Micah Holmbeck, Sara Wander, Robyn Amy Buda and Chris Buda as members, play their fun...

Cut Out for Crew

by Kristen Coyne | Photography by Dave Barfield Rowing is a unique and demanding sport But for Tallahassee youth who love it, it pays generous dividends that make it all worthwhile. From the vantage point of the eagles cruising above it, Lake Hall resembles the claw of a crab, i...

Unfriendly Climate

Politics, the Environment and the Search for Truth by Remi Escudie In response to the withdrawal of the United States fr...

Amped Up Downtown: First Friday in Thomasville
Railroad Wander
From Silver to Silver An Artist’s Transformation

The Black Archives

by Sarah Sörne | Photography by Dave Barfield “History is here. We don’t have to go far.” On-site to cover th...

A Crucible Moment
Bright Futures and its Fate
How Robots Could Help Chronically Ill Kids Attend School

An Equal Playing Field

Photography by Dave Barfield Team sports promote socialization. It’s on a field or court or rink where individuals ble...

Ninth Annual Corporate Cup Challenge Grows by Leaps and Lunges
A Life Sentence
Camp Amigo

Crab Salad Topped Fried Green Tomatoes

by Jessica Clark | Photography by Dave Barfield | Presented by Whole Foods If you’ve never had a fried green tomato, y...

Southern Summertime Pickled Shrimp
Restaurant in the Front Farm in the Back
Secret Recipes

All in the Family

Tallahassee’s Mary Fannin by Zachary Caronna | Photography by Dave Barfield Family is the ultimate safe investment...

Awesome Tallahassee
Preparing the 65%
The Business of School: The Standardization, Commercialization and Commoditization of American Youth