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The Funk Got We: George Clinton’s Celestial Legacy

By Karl Sörne | Photography Dave Barfield “We were too black for white folk. And too white for black folks. But as time passed, more people got on board. By the time we released Mothership Connection we had a huge fan base. We’ve been one nation under a groove ever since.”...

Venvi Art Gallery

by La’Kayra Larramore | Photography by Dave Barfield Have you ever been surrounded by a sea of colors? What if I were to tell you that there was a place in Tallahassee where you could enclose yourself within an array of vibrant paintings saturated in bright yellows, vivid b...

Collectively Cool: The BAET Collective

Photography by Dave Barfield Making a living off one’s art and music is toilsome, and the path to where the collective...

Three Rules to Follow when Making Awesome:
Web Exclusive: Proof of Progress Part Two
Proof of Progress

A Second Chance at Life: St. Francis Wildlife Association

Words and Photography By Remi Escudie In a forest on the edge of Florida, I sit and talk with Teresa Stevenson, director...

Controversy at the Capitol: Discussing racism with your children
Finer Things
Unfriendly Climate

Flourishing Roots of Our Past: The Kinsey Family Collection

by Prenisha Reid, Tatjana Lightbourn, and Kaiyla Thompson | Photography by Dave Barfield History is the importance of ac...

Jake Gaither
Baby Sign Language
Eric Friall and the 100 Black Men of Tallahassee

Saving Piper’s Heart

12 hours and two cities – How one critically ill infant goes from heart failure to heart healing. by Janie Henker | Ph...

Nashenna Nix
An Equal Playing Field
Ninth Annual Corporate Cup Challenge Grows by Leaps and Lunges

TFM’s Table: Lentil Feta Salad

by Raven Edwards | Photography by Dave Barfield Twenty-some-odd years ago, I went to pay a visit on some good friends of...

Anatomy of a Cheese Board
Finer Things
Crab Salad Topped Fried Green Tomatoes

Ology Brewing Co

by Stefan Sorne | Photography by Dave Barfield Ology Brewing Co., Tallahassee’s newest brewery, is housed in the heart...

All in the Family
Awesome Tallahassee
Preparing the 65%