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Everything is More Beautiful Because We Are Doomed

Mike Fowler & The Beauty of Ephemera by Karl Sorne | Photography by Dave Barfield   How often does a piece of printed material cause you to stop and stare? Make you want to pick it up and feel it? Turn it over and over in your hand, as if each revolution will reveal so...

Wunderkind: Noah Barcio

“It was here that Noah discovered his favorite form of dance: the Vaganova method, which he explains emphasizes the strength, flexibility, and conditioning of the entirety of one’s body.” by Zachary Caronna | Photography by Dave Barfield Mirror neurons are respons...

From Silver to Silver An Artist’s Transformation

by Remi Escudie | Photography by Dave Barfield After almost three decades of teaching at Tallahassee Community College, ...

Everything is More Beautiful Because We Are Doomed
No Two Alike
Old-Fashioned Cobbler

Amped Up Downtown: First Friday in Thomasville

By Ursula Perano | Photography by Remi Escudie In the heart of downtown Thomasville, Georgia, a once barren piece of lan...

Railroad Wander
From Silver to Silver An Artist’s Transformation
Wunderkind: Noah Barcio
Photography by Patty Kousaleos

Ninth Annual Corporate Cup Challenge Grows by Leaps and Lunges

By Heather Fuselier and Mary Barley Who could bench press the most: teachers or lawyers? Who can paddle a kayak the fa...

A Life Sentence
Camp Amigo
Feelings 101

Southern Summertime Pickled Shrimp

by Jessica Clark I’m a transplant to the South. That’s right, I’m one of those genealogical anomalies who had to a...

Restaurant in the Front Farm in the Back
Secret Recipes
A New Sense of Community through Food Truck Culture