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Seeking Vs Seeing

by Frantzley Moise

When I was younger, I loved to play the game of hide-and-go seek. The rules of the game are simple: one or more people must hide, while another person embarks on the quest of seeking out those hidden. There are many lessons I learned through the game which I use and share with others who are seeking success. One of the lessons is that there are two types of players searching for the prize: Seekers and Seers. As we search for success, knowing the difference will put us in a better position to win.

Success can be very elusive and finding it is not always easy. But the Seeker is a searcher who is willing to go deeper and scan wider to find and achieve that success. Matthew 7:7 states “seek and you will find.” There is a greater chance of achieving success when we zealously seek it because Seekers use every tool available to them to achieve their goal. While success wants to be found, it searches for no one. I’ve always enjoyed watching Sherlock Holmes movies because Mr. Holmes, a brilliant detective, is the quintessential Seeker. He uses every clue and every tool available to solve the case. He is meticulous and relentless as he searches for the answers to solve the mystery. And just like the great detective, we too must examine all avenues to find our own success.

“Five, four, three, two, one. Ready or not here I come!”— the Seeker is ready to go. Seekers do not sit around waiting for that great opportunity, they pursue it. In many of my workshops, I share and have the participants repeat a simple phrase: “You don’t have to wait to be great, but greatness comes in time and the best time to start is now.” Amelia Earhart understood this logic, for in 1932, she became the first female aviator to independently complete the transatlantic flight. She was successful in her endeavor because she did not wait for the perfect moment, she made the moment perfect. She sought success and found it because she was a Seeker. Seers look for the right moment, the right sign, and the right opportunity hoping to find success, oftentimes missing the opportunity because the moment was not perfect. Seers wait for opportunity; Seekers seek opportunity. As we seek success, the present time may not be the most ideal moment but moving now will get you closer to the prize.

Harriet Tubman is another example of a Seeker. She envisioned a world where slaves were free and against unimaginable odds helps hundreds of slaves escape to freedom. Other slaves, whom I would classify as Seers, saw the same vision but did not pursue the goal. The Seeker believes and executes the impossible. They are fearless architects of design, meaning they visualize success and explore the probable.

As we develop our dreams, goals, and aspirations, we should ask ourselves if we are only Seers. Are we just going to scan through the evidence without paying attention to the details? Do we take the road that has already been traveled time and time again? Do we only wait for the perfect opportunity? Or rather, are we Seekers? Are we going to examine all the evidence and clues to solve the mystery like Sherlock Holmes? Are we going to take the road less traveled, or maybe even never traveled like Harriet Tubman? Or are we going seize the opportunity and chase success at any given moment like Amelia Earhart?

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