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Venvi Art Gallery

by La’Kayra Larramore | Photography by Dave Barfield

Have you ever been surrounded by a sea of colors? What if I were to tell you that there was a place in Tallahassee where you could enclose yourself within an array of vibrant paintings saturated in bright yellows, vivid blues and fiery reds? This utopic location is VENVI Art Gallery. Named after her two sons, VENVI demonstrates balance, free-spirit and love—everything owner and artist Brinda Pamulapati expresses herself.

Brinda, an online instructor at Southern New Hampshire University and a dedicated mother and wife, did plenty of research and training in Toronto prior to opening VENVI. “In school, I was prominent in art because I have always loved it,” explained Pamulapati, “I had the pleasure to learn with a well-renowned artist by the name of Jacob Pichhadze. He was impressed with my style and decided to train me more.” Pichhadze is still her mentor to this day.

The development of VENVI Art Gallery itself had much support from Pamulapati’s family. Built by Brinda’s husband, Veerang Pamulapati, and eldest son Venkat, the gallery opened in November 2015. After conducting research of his own, Veerang used his engineering and construction expertise to design his wife this astonishing and refreshing space. “I wanted to make sure the gallery had a crisp appearance. We wanted to do our best with what we had. I paid attention to the lighting and the hanging system so we wouldn’t damage the walls,” admitted Veerang. “The gallery is in its third year so far and you would not be able to tell.”

Every first Friday of the month, the gallery encourages developing and seasoned artists to showcase their vibrant masterpieces to the Tallahassee audience. Brinda’s youngest son, Vishal, helps his mother prepare for First Friday. Visitors are welcomed with wine, water and an assortment of appetizers as they walk around to view the exhibits. VENVI has had thirteen shows since its opening. Once you enter the glass doors, you are in awe of the creative pieces bestowed upon you. There are many small, intimate pieces within the gallery. Many collectors purchase these paintings for their homes, but can also purchase larger pieces for an office setting. The Pamulapati family displays the artwork throughout the gallery, in a specific order, so buyers have the chance to visually perceive how these paintings will look in their homes or office. The artists who have had the opportunity to display their artwork here are passionate about their creations. “I have visited VENVI before. The art is amazing, but it is the welcoming atmosphere that will keep you coming,” explains Tallahassee local Delora Smith.

VENVI has hosted a variety of local artists and they are not limited to just colorful paintings either. “We have artists [like] Mary Stewart, who specializes in print. Many of her pieces are in black and white, but they are creative and you will not see them anywhere else.”

Some artists, like Julie Bowland, have the freedom to show anything they desire. “We want the artists to be creative and unique. We should not have seen those kinds of compositions before.” Bowland’s Vibrant Realities was on display at the writing of this article. She is a former Tallahassee resident, and currently teaches art and directs Valdosta State University’s fine art gallery. Her work was presented through March 10th, 2018, followed by owner Brinda Pamulapati’s show, “Texture in Colors” running through May 12th, 2018. So many artists have had the chance to showcase their works and there will be much more in the future.

Love surrounds VENVI from the beginning to the end. “I am blessed to have an artist for a wife, who knows how to run a business,” affirmed Veerang Pamulapati. It is also present throughout the gallery—through each artist’s work you can feel the deep passion they have for their craft. “I am thankful for my family and VENVI,” says Brinda. It has been three years since VENVI Art Gallery has opened their doors, and with love and admiration, I can see many more years to come.

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