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From his early days in automotive service, Joe Doughty has relied on his personal philosophy of “All Number One.” As a martial artist, he understands the value of personal discipline while his business philosophy has guided the growth of his company over the last 30 years.

Truck ‘N Car Concepts has come to represent the “best in class” as an after-market auto accessory service provider in Tallahassee. The basis for this comes from its founder, Joe Doughty. His eye for creating the best look for any vehicle, his keen ability to select only superior products and his leadership among his highly skilled team of installers, assures each customer complete satisfaction. His design choices for each vehicle are remarkable and are applied with precision. This is most evident when you see the final results. It amounts to a perfect blending of artistry, mechanical skill and good taste. In Tallahassee, his reputation in this profession has made Truck ‘N Car Concepts number one. In operating his business, Joe and his team are consistent. That may be what his customers love most about working with them. And it’s no accident. Drawing from his training as a martial artist, he has applied those principles toward maintaining a fine balance between the daily operations of the business and his individual concern for each customer.

Joe’s persistence to provide this level of performance is coupled with a personal philosophy of “All Number One.” In his words: “Number one is customer service, and number one is high-quality products, and number one is total satisfaction. They are all number one priorities. Just getting two out of the three won’t work.” All of this has combined to establish Doughty as the “Leader In Customization” in Tallahassee. Among his own customers, as well as car and truck dealers and repair shop operators, he is wellknown as the “go-to” for answers and solutions. With this kind of loyalty and his reputation for always giving the best to every person, Truck ‘N Car Concepts is likely to enjoy continued success for a long time and remain this area’s leader in after-market auto accessories.

Service Specialties

Window film installation for auto, home and business

Spray-in and drop-in bed liner installation

Rear-view camera and DVD player installation

Sound system installation

Precise lift kit and trailer hitch installation

Complete interior and exterior detailing

Featured Products

UWS Tool Boxes

PUTCO lighting solutions

LLOYD floor mats

Thule Roof Racks

3M Window Film

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