Get to Know Your Tallahassee Fire Department

by Mike Bellamy, Photos by Dave Barfield

For more than 100 years, the Tallahassee Fire Department (TFD) has been fighting fires and responding to emergencies in our community. Since the Great Tallahassee Fire of 1843 leveled more than 90 buildings downtown, fire codes have been adopted and each new decade has brought safer building requirements and fire protection systems. In 1902, the first centralized fire department was established by the city and has grown to 16 stations throughout the City of Tallahassee and Leon County.



Under the leadership of Fire Chief Jerome Gaines, the Tallahassee Fire Department’s core mission is to provide for the safety and welfare of our community and our members through proactive prevention, preparation and protection.

How can I get involved in programs offered by TFD?

Speaker Presentations and Station Tours: The TFD will visit your group to give a fire extinguisher demonstration and talk about safety tips, evacuation plans and fire drills. Or schedule a tour at the station to learn more about fire safety and prevention.

Ride-Along Program with the TFD: Interested in being a firefighter with the TFD or just want to ride along with one? Then the TFD Ride-Along Program is for you.

Citizens’ Fire Academy: Twice each year, the TFD hosts a free five-week (one night a week) hands-on academy for adults who live or work in Leon County and want to experience the job of a firefighter first hand as well as learn more about the services provided by the TFD.

Mike Bellamy is the public information officer of the Tallahassee Fire Department. To learn more about programs, visit or call the program coordinator at (850) 891-6641.


Tallahassee Fire Department


a total service area of 702 square miles

approximately 280,000 residents

282 full-time certified firefighters

cross-trained as emergency medical

technicians and paramedics

responds to more than 22,000 incidents annually

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